About us

PS Designers Ltd. is a fast growing Bulgarian company with a team of young and ambitious people. We are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions in our field. For the duration of its operations and development, the company has established itself not only as one of the market leaders, but also as an honest and reliable partner offering all its customers solutions for facade and interior decorating. The opportunities for decorating your house, building, hotel, or interior or restaurant are unlimited, depend only on your imagination and our fantasy! We do not sell just styrofoam profiles - we give away our experiences, ideas and vision for beauty!

About us

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    Over the years the philosophy of the company develops and strengthens its commitments and policy - the idea of PS Designers is to help successfully to the beautification of the old buildings and the quality decorating of the new ones. Following this purpose, the company constantly works out for production and marketing of new products and services that conserve, enhance and decorate buildings for a long time. The design skills that we have acquired and use, allows you to take advantage of complete solutions for the interior or exterior, you want to decorate! Our adventurousness and continuous thirst for knowledge in the directions in which we develop, facilitate our work with clients and partners to achieve perfect results!

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    Over the years

    PS Designers Ltd. is on the market for 7 years with approved quality of products for facade decoration of styrofoam and fiber! The company was established in 2007 after the purchase of the necessary equipment from leading European manufacturers who not only helped our start, but also gave us valuable advices and guidelines to our development. We began to offer new and innovative products, lesser known in our domestic market. A little bit later several bulgarian construction companies who understood about us also helped us and direct us with a valuable information, which would be useful to them and how to produce it with maximum quality. Our wide experience was acquired with all working in this field - investors, builders, craftsmen and workers, which support and dedication are irreplaceable for us! Thank you and we hope to continue to be pleased with our work!

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    Products for SPA centers

    PS Designers Ltd. is a bulgarian manufacturer of polystyrene and specializes in design and manufacture of styrofoam preparations and finished products for SPA centers, saunas and swimming pools. Our team will help you to create your unique SPA center as you dreamed of, putting knowledge, experience and creativity in the preliminary design. We will pass together through various stages of planning and design, defining your individual design to actual production. Our solutions will satisfy your greatest dreams!

Today the innovative methods in modern construction are preferred and sought after. Their advantages are obvious and displace outdated system construction solutions. We PS Designers are always looking for way in which our products can be unique, innovative and high image quality, we can satisfy the highest requirements.

Our pride are all professionally implemented projects whose beauty will be our best advertising over the years! For the needs of the market and our customers, we have developed and offered the following services and products:

    • 3D visualization of objects - facades and interiors
    • Facade decoration: profiles, moldings, columns, arches and others
    • Interior decoration, ornamentation for premises
    • Columns: capitals, bases, casings
    • Architectural ornaments: decorative items
    • Advertising products: letters, signs, logos and forms
    • SPA and Aqua products: equipment and decoration
    • Products for renovation: siding (insulation with decoration)
    • Non-standard applications
    • Products designed by the client



PS Designers presents Catalog 2015, including products we offer. The models profiles, columns and capitals listed in the catalog does not limit the production of customized products!

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Advertising solutions

Advertising solutions of styrofoam and fiber! Signboards and logos for shops, offices and restaurants. Production of standard and nonstandard packages of EPS at a specified item. Guarantee for durability!

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3D visualizations

We make projects and 3D visualization for decorating of: facades and interior of rooms, suspended ceilings made of styrofoam, colonnades, decorated by customer choice.

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Facade decoration

PS Designers Ltd is bulgarian manufacturer of decorative facade elements made of polystyrene/fiber EPS/XPS: moldings, profiles, window sills, columns, arches, decorations and items designed by the client.

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