Advertising solutions

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It is possible to design all kinds of standard and custom decorative advertising solutions of styrofoam and fiber, that are widely used in exhibitions, shop windows, etc. Lightweight, portable and competitively priced, these products conquered the advertising market imperceptibly. Letters, signs, models of various objects in a real or larger size, templates in interesting shapes intended to paint ... Generally, options for advertising from foam and fiber, as well as for facade decoration are inexhaustible. Look at some of the possibilities:

  • You choose the shape and size by yourself - define the style of your advertisement
  • You can consult us for advice on which option may be best for you
  • Allow laying of color at your choice

Advertising solutions of styrofoam

Volumetric inscriptions, letters, logos and decorations

PS Designers Ltd. produce all types of fonts, sizes and depth of channel for volumetric letters and inscriptions. There are used various types of coating - from glass to metal foils, depending on your needs.

Advertising interior solutions for restaurants

The advertising interior solutions for restaurants, clubs and discos depend only on your imagination, but you can see the different options, offered by us

Profiles, columns, arches and other with concealed lighting

Interior decorating via profiles, arches and columns gives a unique look to your rooms, the possibilities for embedding of hidden lightings also give an awesome modern look!



PS Designers presents Catalog 2015, including products we offer. The models profiles, columns and capitals listed in the catalog does not limit the production of customized products!

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Advertising solutions

Advertising solutions of styrofoam and fiber! Signboards and logos for shops, offices and restaurants. Production of standard and nonstandard packages of EPS at a specified item. Guarantee for durability!

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3D visualizations

We make projects and 3D visualization for decorating of: facades and interior of rooms, suspended ceilings made of styrofoam, colonnades, decorated by customer choice.

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Facade decoration

PS Designers Ltd is bulgarian manufacturer of decorative facade elements made of polystyrene/fiber EPS/XPS: moldings, profiles, window sills, columns, arches, decorations and items designed by the client.

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