Exterior decoration for your facade includes each element, which is mounted on the facade of the building and adds style. Here you will find a description of the most used items.
PS Designers Ltd. is specialized in the production of facade decorative ornaments, styrofoam and fiber profiles. This will emphasize the details about these products as species, purposes and others. All these ornaments are produced and distributed by us.
The products are made of styrofoam or fiber with high density, then they are coated, depending on their purpose. The coating ensures high resistance to mechanical and weathering.

Facade decoration

Window surrounding
Your windows and doors with a unique look and feel of luxury
The decorative intercommunication elements of EPS form an important addition to the separation of the different floors, levels, balconies and facades
The Г-shaped styrofoam profiles for reversal of windows and doors are both decorative and insulation element
Main moldings
Main molding is profile, which helps merging the facade with the roof structure and highlights the end of the building
Facade ornaments
Props, pots, applications and all other bulky decorative elements
Key and angular stones are needed ornamental element for decorating the building in the vertical direction
Here we are talking about large decorative elements that completely change the facade architecture of your building
Profiles with application
Profiles can be not only by a model of the ancient styles and also modern and diverse
Each type of arch greatly increases the beauty of the curved shape of window or architectural opening with a semicircular shape.
Pediments are an integral part of the facade window surrounding decoration, they add elegance and style.


PS Designers presents Catalog 2015, including products we offer. The models profiles, columns and capitals listed in the catalog does not limit the production of customized products!

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Advertising solutions

Advertising solutions of styrofoam and fiber! Signboards and logos for shops, offices and restaurants. Production of standard and nonstandard packages of EPS at a specified item. Guarantee for durability!

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3D visualizations

We make projects and 3D visualization for decorating of: facades and interior of rooms, suspended ceilings made of styrofoam, colonnades, decorated by customer choice.

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Facade decoration

PS Designers Ltd is bulgarian manufacturer of decorative facade elements made of polystyrene/fiber EPS/XPS: moldings, profiles, window sills, columns, arches, decorations and items designed by the client.

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