Siding and thermal insulation


PS Designers Ltd offers a new innovative method for remediation of your home, house or villa: merging the remediation with decoration - something that does not change the price of insulation and adds decoration, moreover speeds up mounting. No cracks were prepared between the elements. Each element is cut out specifically for your project and thus there is no heat loss due to thermal insulation perfectly seted! Along with the construction of the thermal insulation is possible to build a decorative architectural ornaments..


Polystyrene and fiber have proven as insulation materials "number one" and there is no need to discuss their endurance. The minimum recommended thickness for siding + thermal insulation is 5 cm.

  • you choose by yoursefl the form of the section, the thickness of insulation and the decoration options
  • you choose by yoursefl the angular configuration of the siding - it is possible removing the annoying trims
  • you choose by yoursefl the material for production - styrofoam or fiber
  • you combine siding with facade decoration at your choice: window surrounding profiles, intercommunication profiles, columns and others, that will stir the vision of your building

Example for polymer-cement and wood coating and technology, preventing the occurrence of fugues and water entry:

Siding1 3D Siding2 3D

Eurotype EPS 250 Technical characteristics of styrofoam EPS
Diathermancy λ20: 0.030 W/mK
Tensile strength perpendicularly to the surfaces: 337 kPa
Compressive strength at 10% deformation: 295 kPa
Flexural strength: 420 kPa
Water absorption - 7 days, full immersion: 0.9 %
Number of diffusion resistance to water vapor: 224
Standard thickness: 10 - 500 mm
Standard length: 1000 - 20000 mm
Standard width: 500 - 1000 mm
Burning time: 0 s
Movement of the flame front: не
Separation of dripping hot particles: не
Maximum temperature of application: 95ºC


PS Designers presents Catalog 2015, including products we offer. The models profiles, columns and capitals listed in the catalog does not limit the production of customized products!

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Advertising solutions

Advertising solutions of styrofoam and fiber! Signboards and logos for shops, offices and restaurants. Production of standard and nonstandard packages of EPS at a specified item. Guarantee for durability!

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3D visualizations

We make projects and 3D visualization for decorating of: facades and interior of rooms, suspended ceilings made of styrofoam, colonnades, decorated by customer choice.

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Facade decoration

PS Designers Ltd is bulgarian manufacturer of decorative facade elements made of polystyrene/fiber EPS/XPS: moldings, profiles, window sills, columns, arches, decorations and items designed by the client.

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