Styrofoam profiles

profili stiropor

The profiles with decoration are very impressive and please the eye, change beautiful and stylish every building. Because opportunities for decoration are countless, here we show you some of them schematically. As you have already understood there is no limitation in shapes and sizes. You can sketch your individual pattern or select from photo.

Styrofoam profiles with covering

The profiles in the gallery are with polymer-cement covering!

Laying a decorative coating on the styrofoam profiles with decoration ;)

The photographs represents a small part of the possibilities for production of facade styrofoam profiles, on which is applied polymer-cement coating, ensuring strength and durability to weather and mechanical impacts! Full catalog can be viewed here. The dimensions of the profiles in the catalog are not mentioned - they can be changed according to customer needs in order to create the necessary vision of your building.

It’s possible construction of fiber profiles by customer request ;) Some argue that they are more resistant ... our observations for seven years have shown that our coverage is so tight so it does not really matters ...



PS Designers presents Catalog 2015, including products we offer. The models profiles, columns and capitals listed in the catalog does not limit the production of customized products!

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Advertising solutions

Advertising solutions of styrofoam and fiber! Signboards and logos for shops, offices and restaurants. Production of standard and nonstandard packages of EPS at a specified item. Guarantee for durability!

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3D visualizations

We make projects and 3D visualization for decorating of: facades and interior of rooms, suspended ceilings made of styrofoam, colonnades, decorated by customer choice.

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Facade decoration

PS Designers Ltd is bulgarian manufacturer of decorative facade elements made of polystyrene/fiber EPS/XPS: moldings, profiles, window sills, columns, arches, decorations and items designed by the client.

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